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Chrome-8 app for iPhone



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"I found Chrome-8 to be pretty entertaining, as I enjoy games that make you think."

"It is simple, interesting and as challenging as any puzzle game can get."
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"In Chrome-8 you get what you see - a pure puzzle experience that plays perfectly and is free of almost all excess fat."

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"Prise de chou en couleurs"

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"色度-八" 是一种新的拼图解谜游戏,是一种具有非常大的挑战性,而又容易学的游戏, 按照游戏规则在棋盘图案中用移动棋子调谐颜色来解谜拼图。而且从中您可以感受到很 大的乐趣, 色度-八还可以激发您的逻辑思维和数学思维。
您将会发现两种游戏模式,我们提供新手和高手两种模式为适合不同的挑战者, 色度-八为您提供数百种拼图解谜游戏,让您享受无尽的快乐,同时它也将会激发和 发展您的逻辑和数学的技巧。

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